Art & Design Studio by Evi Schartner

Art & Design Studio by Evi Schartner

“My art is not bold. Every picture is composed of subtle messages, thus inviting the viewer to look at it again and decode the meanings disguised within my paintings.

I intend to forge the links between elements juxtaposed within my art.”

Four Seasons

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One Million Views

Digital & Silk Screen Print
Unique Creation
Signed by Evi Schartner
One Million Views

About Evi Schartner

Originally from Salzburg, Evi Schartner has worked with experimental processing of watercolours since 2013. Characteristically, for lasting effects and impressions of her art, she creates an inspiring interplay of lines, forms and shades. The consciously chosen details aim to create and stimulate the viewer’s individual perceptions through the clear composition of the image.

All pictures are painted on bespoke handmade paper. Evi Schartner uses unique materials to create extraordinary effects in her paintings. By developing her own personal style of painting with her distinctive techniques and styles, she has consciously begun to reduce her art down to a graphic level, thereby achieving a fascinating element of light throughout her artwork.

Trees Original & Print