Original “Altair” on Handcrafted Daphne-Paper, Without Frame, 2018

5,470 incl. VAT

The eagle, indicated by just a few white watercolor strokes, glides majestically over the black background. As the guardian of mankind, it spreads its wings wide and mediates between heaven and earth, light and shadow, day and night.

The thick, almost leather-like, black Daphne paper is unique. The paper sheet for the painting comes from a small artisan manufacturer in Nepal and is around 40 years old. Despite its large dimensions (100 x 175 cm), the painting is on a single sheet of Daphne paper. This level of paper quality can no longer be produced today due to a lack of expert knowledge and increasing environmental pollution in the area where it has been produced.

Evi Schartner, Altair, 2018
Mixed media on handmade paper (550g)
Motif/sheet size: 100 x 175 cm
Weight: 1 kg
Frame: without

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