My artwork is not bold, so each picture tells its own story with subtle messages. It invites the viewer to look again at the picture in order to decode its message. I build bridges and connect opposites with my paintings.

My work is of experimental nature and includes various elements to give the viewer the impression of an illusion. I have also experimented with comic characters, oriental ornaments and architectural cross sections. This give my artwork characteristics for a lasting effect. The impression of my work is the exciting interplay of lines, shapes and colours. The consciously chosen details aim at the creation and stimulation of the individual impressions of the viewer through the clear composition of the picture.

I like working with materials that can create unusual effects. My pictures are painted exclusively on handmade paper, making each of my pieces an exceptional and individual work of art.

While these pieces have been executed primarily using water colour techniques, I have also incorporated acrylic and Chinese brush painting techniques in my latest paintings. I have deliberately avoided using backgrounds in order to give the impression of lightness and clarity. While this reduces the theme “Nature“ to a graphic, it nevertheless creates a picturesque level. In this way the pictures attain a certain floating effect and lightness.